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Fitting Guide for INLANDSIS Polar Quest and Blizzard Beast Harnesses


  1. Fold the harness so that it can be fitted with one hand, allowing you to hold your dog with the other.


  1. If possible, make your dog sit down. Position yourself behind the dog and place the middle of his body between your legs then pass the collar of the harness onto the head of the dog.


  1. Pass the collar of the harness under the collar, making sure you release the dog's fur around the collar of the harness so that it is positioned properly.


4. Pull back the harness to the withers in order to relax the straps to the maximum so as to make it easier to pass the dog's legs through.

20170920_151352 (Copier).jpg

  1. Bend down so you can take the dog's left leg just above the paw while lowering the strap of the harness in order to pass the dog's leg through. Repeat on the right side. If you always do this the same way, after a few weeks your dog should naturally offer his feet in the right order.

20170920_151424 (Copier).jpg

  1. Pull the harness under the dog's rib cage. On dogs with long and/or thick fur, it may be necessary to move the fur between the front legs and under the rib cage so that the harness is positioned properly.

7. Pull tight on the cord on the back of the harness so that it fits into place. All straps must be properly tightened. That's it!