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Inlandsis is a French brand, created by two dog and outdoor enthusiasts operating in the Vercors.

We design high-end technical equipment with the primary objective of comfort for the dog and its owner, thus meeting the expectations of beginners and experts alike. Our products are the result of extensive R&D work based on our experience as athletes and our knowledge of canine anatomy.

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(4 reviews)
A must-have accessory for safe bikejoring, the Bikejor Max arm prevents the leash from touching the bike's front wheel when it slackens off. Easy to install and uninstall. Compatible with all wheel diameters.
(13 reviews)
Featuring a longer mount than the Bikejor Max, the Bikejor Max UL is designed to be attached between the tubes of the bike's frame. Easy to install and uninstall. Compatible with all wheel diameters.
(1 review)
Additional mount so you can use the same Bikejor Max Arm on 2 different bikes.
(2 reviews)
Bikejor Max U-shaped Mount, regular length or ultra-long
(10 reviews)
Adjustable X-Back harness designed to fit most medium and large dogsAvailable in 5 sizes to perfectly adapt the build of dogs weighing 14 to 45 kg / 30.8 to 99.2 lbs
(6 reviews)
Performance x-back harness for athletic dogs
(8 reviews)
Performance x-back harness for ESD/Greyster type racing dogs
(17 reviews)
Canicross / dog-trekking belt with optimal traction distribution
(42 reviews)
Technical belt for canicrossers looking for both comfort and performance
(11 reviews)
Canicross leash compatible with international regulations. For dogs weighing over 15kg / 33 lbs
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