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CrossTrek Belt

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For canicross and dog trekking enthusiasts prioritizing comfort and ease of use

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The CrossTrek belt is an evolution of our Trekker belt, with thigh straps allowing for better vertical stability.

The CrossTrek belt is designed for:

  • Canicross practitioners prioritizing comfort and ease of use, compared to the Aircross model which is more performance-oriented/technical.
  • Dog trekkers suffering from back problems, who will benefit from a low attachment point relieving lumbar strain without the complexity of a more technical canicross-oriented model.
  • Individuals with a mixed practice of canicross/dog trekking.

Key features:

  • Exclusive V-Strap™ design: V-shaped straps on both sides allow for optimal distribution of traction.
  • Large rear pocket 20x12 cm (7,87x4,72 inches) for carrying smartphone, keys, waste bags, cash, etc.
  • Numerous adjustments allowing it to be adapted to all body types.
  • Adjustable traction strap length and smooth sliding of the tugline*
  • Weight: 184 g / 0.41 lbs (adult)
  • Breathable inner lining
  • Stainless steel loops
  • High-visibility reflective band
  • Comes with a storage bag in mesh.

* A sliding attachment point allows the leash to move freely on the traction strap located at the front of the harness, preventing the harness from twisting during abrupt changes in the dog's direction. Conversely, if the attachment point is fixed, the leash is simply held in the center, and the runner experiences the movements of their dog.

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