François Beyaert in the Inlandsis Team

François Beyaert is 32 years old. He is an athlete who likes short distances and speed. He is keen on split track sessions and Fartlek running in the forest with his dogs Zlatan and Luna. Member of the CA Balma Athletics Club, he trains with the middle distance team with whom he competed in the French Cross Elite Championships in 2018.

François tried several activities with his dogs (Agility, Obedience) before discovering Canicross two years ago. It was a real revelation for the three of them and it is through this discipline that the closeness between the athlete and his dogs really reached another level.

Main titles:

  • Winner of the 2018 French Canicross Grand Prix
  • 3 victories in the 2018 Chien d'Or races
  • 2 victories in selective races for the ICF World Championship 2018
  • Winner of the 2017 6-legged Transpyr Canicross challenge
  • Winner of the 2017 6-legged Transpyr Canicross challenge
  • 7th senior in the 2017 Trophée Fédéral Terre
  • Personal record at the 2018 Grand Parc Canicross race (69): 5km in 14'58", at an average speed slightly higher than 20km/h

Recently selected for the Canicross World Championships (ICF) to be held in Poland in October 2018, he will participate with his dog Luna, a crossbred between a Beauceron and a Doberman.

He also intends to participate in the Trophée Fédéral Terre (FSLC French Championship) which will take place at the end of 2018.

François & his dog Luna

Francois Beyaert and his dog Luna

To know more about François Beyaert, Zlatan and Luna:

Facebook: Françoiszlatanluna Canicross

Instagram: francoiszlatanluna