Team 66° Nord

The TEAM 66° NORD was created by two men driven by the same passion for the great outdoors, their fascination for an ancestral means of transport, the dog sled, and their love for a unique dog breed, Alaskan huskies.

In 2011, Romain was the handler of Daniel Juillaguet, famousa French musher, who participated in La Grande Odyssée for which Thibaut was then the head of sports communication. The friendship between the two men soon grew, based on common passions and values.

In 2012, Romain participated in his first race, the Trophée Grande Odyssée, a short version of La Grande Odyssée. In his team was Thibaut's dog Pema. The following year, Romain won the Double Trophée (7-day race over 350km) for which Thibaut also lent him some of his dogs. This was also the case in 2014 during Romain's first participation in the full version of La Grande Odyssée.

Meanwhile, Thibaut participated in his first races and in his second year of competition, he won the bronze medal at the French dog sledding championships.

The creation of TEAM 66° NORD was the natural outcome of this partnership, leading to a more professional pooling of skills, resources and energy.

Thibaut Branquart

Married with two children
Film director in Lambersart in the Nord department

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2003 Solo crossing of the Pyrenees on foot
2004 Creation of Grand Nord FILMS
2005 Communication Manager for La Grande Odyssée Savoie Mont Blanc
2006 Official Photographer of L'Odyssée Sibérienne
2006 First sled dog
2006-2008 Canoe expeditions in the Swedish Taiga.
2008-2012/2013 Long distance dog sledding in Norway
2012 First dog sledding race
2013 Sporting Director of La Grande Odyssée
2013 Bronze Medalist at the French Mid Distance Sled Dog Championships.
2015 Amundsen Race (Sweden)
2016 Mush Synnfjell (Norway)

Romain Grenier

Married with two children
Carpenter & cabinetmaker in Saint-Paul de Salers in the Cantal department


1997 Training with the Compagnons du Devoir
2003 Graduated as a Compagnon Carpenter & Cabinetmaker
2005 Returned to the Cantal and acquired my first sled dog
2006 Construction of a log cabin in which we lived for 4 years
2009 Life changing encounter with Daniel Juillaguet and purchase of Ayo and Duke, my first Alaskan huskies.
2009 Creation of Romain Grenier Menuiserie
2011 Handler on La Grande Odyssée and on the Finmarslopet for my friend Daniel Juillaguet. Met Thibaut
2012 First major race, the Trophée Grande Odyssée (arrived 5th)
2013 Victory in the Double Trophée 350km race.
2014 First participation in La Grande Odyssée
2015 7th place in La Grande Odyssée
2015 Amundsen Race (Sweden)
2016 Femundlopet 400 (Norway)

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